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Digitizing Citizen Services for your Municipality

👋 Your citizens can use HeyGov to fill out forms, ask questions, and submit requests anytime – anywhere.

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Why HeyGov?
Why Now in 2021?

In 2020, virtually everything for local governments came to a stand still due to COVID-19. The transition to an online and virtual experience was a painful process. Some municipalities are still coping with the transition.

HeyGov was built to help municipalities and other government agencies operate better and more efficiently. We provide the tools to help you and your citizens be more engaged in a digital world.

HeyGov is a web service which includes a free iOS/Android app. This means your citizens can use the web-based forms online (visible at https://app.heygov.com) or use the mobile app.

HeyGov allows citizens to interact efficiently with your municipality:

  • Fill out forms and applications for things like licenses, permits and park reservations.
  • Allows your citizens to ask questions and interact with a government chat bot to get help 24/7.
  • Have citizens submit request as part of the citizens engagement platform, which are assigned automatically to the appropriate department.

Your Citizens get a Dedicated App

Everybody has a mobile device. So we've built HeyGov so that anybody can use it, whether from the dedicated iOS / Android app, or from the Web App

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Submit requests from the HeyGov mobile app


Here are the Amazing Citizen Services that HeyGov Digitizes

HeyLicense: Workflow Management of Forms
  • Workflow management of online forms submitted by citizens
  • Digitize your paper-based process
  • Go paperless, as paperless as you want to go
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Hey311: A Complete Citizens Engagement Platform
  • Allow citizens to submit requests
  • Pinpoint requests over the city map
  • Automatically assign requests to specific departments
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HeyGov Pay: Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Integrates with HeyLicense & HeyReserve
  • Accept online payment (credit cards, debit cards and ACH)
  • Also accept physical swipes using a POS
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HeyPolling: Survey your Residents
  • Conduct primary research through online polling
  • Filter results based on citizens’ residence
  • Keep citizens informed about survey results
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HeyGov Chat: Online Chat Bot connected to your FAQs
  • Provide answers to your citizens 24/7
  • Uses AI to promote relevant Q&As
  • Frees up staff time for more in-person requests
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HeyReserve: Online Venue Booking System
  • Show venue availability & make a booking request
  • Collect deposits & payments
  • Send rules & reminder notifications
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Bring your city to a higher level of workflow efficiency!

The HeyGov app is free to download and available for iOS/Android. Subscribing to HeyGov’s services will provide you with a full suite of tools that improves citizens engagement and streamlines your workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We got the answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

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