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HeyGov License handles licensing and permitting in your municipality, so you can get back to what matters most – serving your citizens 🦸

You can go as paperless as you want to go or we can digitize the entire workflow process for you, so all you have to do is accept online payments and create forms. We take care of the rest. 🤗

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Clerk and Citizen working together

Citizens Pay Online with the HeyGov App

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Desktop preview of Licenses and submitter forms by citizens

You control your workflow!

  • Decide what’s public what’s private in your forms
  • Choose what type of a form you’re building
  • Upload a pdf and your citizens can download it
  • Choose what form is verified by which department
  • Add your bank accounts and decide the payment
Preview of a Dog License application submitted to Muni by Citizen

You build it, you own it. No limit on forms.

  • You’re the one adding the fields and types of fields
  • Decide what’s public in those fields and what’s not
  • Save paper and protect the environment
  • Receive money fast and don't wait for for checks to
  • Send notifications to applicants
  • Choose your types of forms